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Welcome to Tiny Home Match, your premier online destination for all things tiny home living! Our innovative platform plays matchmaker, connecting those interested in tiny living with homeowners and landlords who are open to hosting tiny homes or accessory dwelling units on their properties.

Whether you’re a devoted tiny home enthusiast, a property owner considering hosting tiny homes, or a skilled builder, we’re here to foster connections within the thriving tiny home community. Our mission goes beyond matchmaking; we’re about nurturing a sense of community, promoting shared values of affordability and sustainability, and transforming tiny home dreams into reality.


At Tiny Home Match, we are a Christian-owned company with a resolute mission: to transform lives, one tiny home at a time. Our vision extends beyond the mere provision of homes; it is rooted in the dedication to create a profound and positive impact. We strive to forge meaningful connections between those who aspire to embrace the simplicity of the tiny home lifestyle and those with available land or space to share.

Your Home, Your Way

Tiny Home Match operates with the same ease and convenience as popular real estate and classifieds platforms like Zillow and Craigslist, but with a special twist – we’re dedicated exclusively to the tiny home lifestyle. Looking for a cozy spot to park your tiny home? Want to explore opportunities for building or buying your very own tiny haven? We’ve got you covered.

The Perfect Match

Our platform is designed to match property owners with tiny home enthusiasts and builders, creating opportunities that benefit everyone involved. We believe in fostering a sense of community through shared values of affordability, sustainability, and innovation. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home, a tenant for your property, or a partner to help bring your tiny home vision to life, Tiny Home Match is where it all comes together.


Our purpose is multifaceted, embodying three essential dimensions:

Empowering Tiny Living

We recognize the dreams of countless individuals who yearn to adopt the tiny home lifestyle but face the formidable challenge of finding the ideal location. Our mission is to serve as the bridge that transforms dreams into reality, enabling people to relish the joys of living tiny.

Monetizing Available Space

We place our unwavering faith in the strength of community and the spirit of sharing. For those who possess surplus land or space and wish to partake in the tiny home movement while reaping its benefits, our dedicated team stands ready to guide you through the process.

Connecting Dreams with Builders

We are facilitators of connections, linking those who aspire to construct a tiny home with skilled local builders who can turn these dreams into tangible dwellings

Together for a Better Tomorrow

By uniting these three essential groups, we aspire to alleviate the challenges encountered by the middle class and actively contribute to addressing the prevailing housing crisis in our nation. Our unwavering commitment to Christian values serves as the guiding light in every facet of our work, nurturing a deep sense of compassion and community.

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We warmly welcome your questions, concerns, and comments. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Together, we have the potential to effect profound transformations in people’s lives and to fortify the bonds of our Communities.

God Bless!

Beyond Connections

But Tiny Home Match is more than just a platform; it’s a movement. We’re committed to promoting education, advocating for tiny home living, and fostering collaboration among our members. We believe that tiny home living represents not just a housing choice but a sustainable way of life that can make a positive impact on our communities and the planet.

So, whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of tiny homes or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, Tiny Home Match is here to support your journey. Join us today, and let’s make your tiny home dreams a reality together.


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